Emily Ruth Allen

Ph.D. in Musicology

Emily Ruth Allen holds a doctorate from Florida State University (FSU). She also completed her Master of Music degree in Historical Musicology at FSU in April 2016. Prior to that, Allen received a Bachelor of Music degree with a concentration in Music with Elected Studies in Specific Outside Fields (mathematics) from the University of South Alabama. Allen’s master’s thesis is about a Florida-based klezmer ensemble called the Holocaust Survivor Band. Her dissertation focuses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century Carnival brass bands in Mobile, Alabama. Allen is currently preparing a book manuscript about parade musics in Mobile’s Mardi Gras history.

Research Interests
  • Musics of the Americas
  • Music and politics (U.S. South, Holocaust)
  • Aging and musical performance
  • Festive/celebration studies

Download Dr. Allen’s CV here (11/7/22 version)

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