Summer 2021 NBN Episodes!

I am pleased to share the New Books Network episodes I completed over the summer of 2021! Take a listen:

Katrina Phillips, Staging Indigeneity: Salvage Tourism and the Performance of Native American History (UNC Press, 2021)

Cécile Fromont, Afro-Catholic Festivals in the Americas: Performance, Representation, and the Making of Black Atlantic Tradition (Penn State, 2019)

Alessandro Testa, Rituality and Social (Dis)Order: The Historical Anthropology of Popular Carnival in Europe (Routledge, 2020)

Candace Bailey, Unbinding Gentility: Women Making Music in the Nineteenth-Century South (U Illinois Press, 2021)

Mark A. Johnson, Rough Tactics: Black Performance in Political Spectacles, 1877-1932 (UP of Mississippi, 2021)

Jill P. Ingram, Festive Enterprise: The Business of Drama in Medieval and Renaissance England (U Notre Dame Press, 2021)

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